SMS Unsubscription Service

You probably came across this website through a link inserted in an SMS you have received right? This domain is used by marketeers globally to capture and process opt-out requests from the customers that they send messages to (you). When you submit your number, your request will be sent directly to the data controller. Their details are also published on the footer of the form so you know who sent the SMS.

St0p is responsible for the technology that captures and processes your SMS opt-out requests; our clients are responsible for their content and the quality of the subscriber databases used.

As a responsible service provider, st0p helps the world's leading marketers provide a functional opt-out form for all their SMS marketing communication.

If you have been sent an unsolicited message and have landed on a page on this domain then you should contact the data controller direct (details on the footer of the form), else contact us at spam[at] and be sure to send us a copy of the message you received.